They agreed to kill her lover for life insurance money. Instead, they got life in prison.

Recently, an Alameda County judge sentenced a California woman, Maria Moore, 53, and her co-defendant, Marvel Salvant, 49, to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the shooting death of Dominic Sarkar. Moore and Marvel were found guilty and convicted by a jury of first-degree murder with special circumstances for financial gain and lying-in-wait.

In the early hours of Oct. 8, 2018, Freemont police officers responded to a 911 call for gunshots fired along the 43000 Block of Charleston Way. The alert stemmed from one of Sarkar’s neighbors who testified hearing gunshots and seeing a man fleeing the victim’s residence on a bike. Upon the officer’s entry into the home, they found Sarkar dead in his bed with multiple gunshot wounds.

Later, investigators got hold of surveillance video footage which showed Salvant riding a bicycle towards the victim’s residence and back to his parked vehicle after the shooting. Investigators linked Salvant to Moore through a myriad of texts between the duo leading to the day of the killing. According to prosecutors, there was further evidence of monetary exchange between the defendants when Moore wired $500 to Salvant before the killing.

During Moore’s interrogation, she admitted having had a relationship with Salvant in the past when they lived together in Seaside, California. The defendant also confirmed a sexual relationship with the 56-year-old executive chef who worked at an Indian restaurant in Mountain View. In addition, authorities discovered Moore had been the sole beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy purchased by the victim in 2016. A year later, Sarkar purchased an additional $300,000 insurance policy. Though the victim’s daughters were contingent beneficiaries of the initial policy, they were later replaced by Moore’s son. Also, in 2018, the defendant became the sole beneficiary of the second policy instead of Sarkar’s daughters.

Meanwhile, Salvant had also told some individuals he was coming into some money in exchange for a gruesome act.

“I’m an evil person … I committed a cardinal sin … I already did it. So, ain’t no turning back from here,” said Salvant in a court record, according to Law & Crime.

Salvant was sentenced to an additional 25 years in prison for the use of a firearm to commit murder.



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